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WINNINGO 36 Can Soft Cooler Backpack

Reviewed by David • August 2, 2021

we just had to get another one... impressive cooler indeed

We recently bought this cooler backpack for 48 can size and we were so impressed with it that we had to get this smaller 36 can model as well. This cooler backpack is so much better than those hard case icebox and it keeps the drinks and food cooler much longer too!

The 48 can backpack has very thick dual should straps with padding because it's very tall and can get heavy if you fill it up but this 36 can backpack has a single should strap with padding. You can convert it to dual should straps if needed but it's not padded (but this is nice option if needed).

It has hand straps on the side but you can also carry it by the main grip on top of the cover. It's very sturdy and heavy duty. I only wish that this backpack also had side pockets like the bigger model or more storage but this is not a deal breaker for such a wonder cooler that does its job extremely well.

We recently took these 2 coolers to family vacation where we had to drive 6 hours on the road. We packed many food that need to be refrigerated so we brought these 2 coolers and it kept everything frozen or cooler inside for 6 hour drive in hot summer. We are really impressed with these cooler backpack and I don't think we will ever use our hard iceboxes anymore.

We also take this smaller 36 can model to our local swim club every weekend as the 48 can model is too big to pack just for few hours away from home. We like that this can stand up bright on its own even when it's almost empty inside and the zipper pull tab has nice design to easily open and close the zipper.
I highly recommend these cooler backpack without any reservation. 10 out of 5 stars!

** TIP **

Instead of buying ice for the cooler, we usually freeze few water bottles at home then put them on top of all other drinks to use them as ice. This will keep all drink cold and when the frozen water bottles melt, you can drink the water inside the bottles. We found that this is more effective and practical then buying the ice.

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