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WINNINGO 48 Can Soft Backpack Cooler

Reviewed by David • July 11, 2021

super impressed and our GOTO family cooler now + TIP

We have several ice boxes and coolers at home but we always end up brining 2 coolers or ice boxes to our swim club or vacation because we can never fit all the drinks in one cooler or ice box. This became such a big hassle so we decided to invest on a bigger size cooler and I'm glad we bought this backpack cooler because it's the coolest cooler I've seen so far 😎


[+] It's spacious enough to hold 48 cans so it's very roomy. While we never brought 48 cans, we did bring many water bottles and sodas to our road trips and to our swim club. We never had a need to fill this cooler to the top because it can hold so much without filling it up.
[+] It keeps the drinks cold all day long! This cooler has 3 insulation layers that can keep the temperature cold up to 48 hours!
[+] Can lug it as a backpack - It has padded shoulder straps and waist buckle so it's easy to lug it like a backpack. Even with all the water bottles and soda inside, my teenager son was able to carry this on his back without any struggle.
[+] Also had padded back for comfort and airflow - which means less sweating on your back and additional comfort
[+] Bottle holder pocket on each side - we use it to store napkins and other utensils
[+] Waterproof inside and out - perfect for outdoor even when it rains, no worries! And no leak from inside to outside!
[+] Front zippered storage pocket, which is also waterproof!
[+] Can stand up right on its own and heavy duty material all around - it's built to last.
[+] Side hand straps as well as top handle for different way to hold and carry the backpack
[+] Elastic adjustable bungee cords on top to hold other things such as news paper, jackets, napkins, etc
[+] Comes with zipper grease gels, bottle sleeve and bottle opener
[+] 3 year warranty of satisfaction


[-] Absolutely nothing!


10 out of 5 stars! This is just an amazing cooler backpack that can hold so many cans and bottles. Easy to carry as backpack and waterproof inside and out, and does excellent job in keeping things cold inside. What else can you ask for in a cooler? It's one the best purchase I've made in a long time. I don't think we will be using our ice boxes or other coolers anymore and this became the GOTO cooler for us.

We take this to our weekly swim clubs 3 times a week and it kept all our water bottles and adult beverages cold, and had additional space to keep snacks on top. We also brought this to Niagara Falls road trip where we had to drive 7 hours and we brought frozen meat, drinks, and fruits in this cooler so we can eat them at our hotel with kitchen. Very versatile cooler due to the extra large size. Highly recommend this amazing cooler backpack!

** TIP **

Instead of buying ice for the cooler, we usually freeze few water bottles at home then put them on top of all other drinks to use them as ice. This will keep all drink cold and when the frozen water bottles melt, you can drink the water inside the bottles. We found that this is more effective and practical then buying the ice.

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