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Self Pro Sweat Headband

Reviewed by David • October 13, 2018

This product review is for Sweat Headband by Self Pro.
It's one size fits all, moisture wicking sweatband you wear on your head during exercises and working out to prevent sweat coming down your face.

As mention on this blog, I started my very first fitness kickboxing class on April 3rd this year. Half way through the class, my uniform was soaking wet from sweat and everyone in my class heard the drops of my sweat on the floor mat whenever I was kicking or punching. People must have thought that there was some sort of water leak from the ceiling. I was keep getting interrupted during the kickboxing class because I found myself having to wipe my sweat off my face and eyes constantly.

I finally realized that I needed some sort of sweat headband that can absorb the sweat coming down to my face and after reviewing many reviews on Amazon, I decided to give this one a try.

To be completely honest, I was a bit disappointed when I received this product at first because the material was super thin and felt very cheaply made. In addition, I looked funny wearing this thing around my forehead and was kind of embarrassed about the look but I decided to give it a try during my next kickboxing class.

I was pleasantly surprised how much sweat this headband stopped from coming down my face. By the end of the class, this headband was soaked and weighted at least 3 times more than what it was at the beginning of the class. Moreover, this headband is super light and comfortable that you don't even realize that you are wearing it (unless you are in a kickboxing class that has one side of wall covered with mirrors).

I was taking kickboxing classes Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday so I ended up purchasing another 2-pack in case I got lazy with washing this after the class. Cleaning is super easy as you simply put this in washer and dryer along with your clothes.

I don't have kickboxing classes any more but I started working out at home every day and this is the first thing that I reach for when I'm getting ready to work out. I still don't know how this things works so well but it does what is intended for and it does the job very well.

David's Conclusion


  • Super light and comfortable - you will forget that you are wearing it until you see yourself in the mirror.
  • Keeps the sweat coming down your face and neck during the exercise. If you have long hair, it can also keep the hair out of your eyes/face.
  • If there's a good breeze and airflow in the room, the sweat absorbed in the headband evaporates quickly and dries up the headband.


  • I can't think of any.

My Wishlist

  • Perhaps 5-pack option with better volume discount?

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Full Disclosure & Final Thoughts

  • I liked it so much that I purchased another 2-pack on 4/11/2018.
  • I wear this at home every morning when I'm working out. It does the job very well but I might be little embarrassed to wear this outside.

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