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Losing Weight and Gaining Muscles

Posted by David • September 29, 2018

Early this year, I hit my record high of 190 lbs and felt the need to lose weight for the first time.

In order to force myself to exercise and for motivation to not quit in the middle, I signed up for fitness/cardio kickboxing classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings and paid for 2 months up front. If I miss any class then I would know I would be wasting money and I was too cheap to let that happen so I knew this would force myself attend the classes.

It turned out that this was one of the best decisions I have made in a long time. I lost 10 lbs during the 2 months just from kickboxing classes. More than losing 10 lbs, I felt energetic and pumped to exercise even harder because I was seeing the results in the mirror (and on the scale).

After the 2 months kickboxing classes were over, I was contemplating whether I should sign up again and continue to do kickboxing but I decided to exercise and workout by myself to further lose weight and also gain some muscles. I thought about joining a gym but ultimately I decided to do cardio exercises and lift weights at home.

After 2 months of cardio exercises and weight lifting at home, I lost another 10 lbs and also managed to get some muscles around my chest and arms. I also had to throw away (happily) all my waist 36 pants and replace them with waist 32 pants. Recently, I bought my very first waist 31 skinny jeans!
I'm now in the middle of replacing my Large size shirts to Medium sizes so basically I'm replacing my entire wardrobe and I have never been so happy and excited about shopping for clothes

Along the way, I had to purchase many equipments and items for exercising and working out at home and I'm planning to provide a product review on each of them.

Here are the list of things that I purchased from Amazon related to my workout exercises in the sequence of purchase:
I can't wait to share my experiences and opinions on these products with you.
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