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Intruder The Better Rodentrap

Reviewed by David • September 17, 2020

mixed feeling because it catches birds too...

I noticed few chipmunks running around the yard here and there but didn't think anything of it until I saw holes that they were digging behind a retaining wall as their home... I just replaced the retaining wall 3 years ago and it cost me over $10,000 so I wasn't going to let these chipmunks damage and ruin it.
I actually have a lot of experience with mouse kill traps but I never had a chipmunk or rat trap so I bought 3 different rat/chimpunk kill traps but I have a mix feeling about this Intruder The Better Rodentrap...


[+] The spring feels much weaker compared to other rat traps but it does indeed catch chipmunks
[+] Very sensitive spring action so it will be very difficult to steal bait without triggering the trap
[+] Relatively easy to set up and also has a loop to tie it down
[+] Easily dispose the kill without touching it
[+] Price


[-] It caught couple of birds as well...
[-] The weak spring is totally exposed so I'm sure it will be rusted or even stretched over time
[-] It may be too sensitive and sometimes it triggers by itself if you are not too careful
[-] There's a big opening in the back when the trap is closed and rodent can either potentially escpae or even enter it to steal the bait


3 out of 5 stars. I think I would have given 4 stars but taking away additional star because it also killed birds as a collateral damage...
Oh, and make sure to tie this trap down to something heavy because it's not strong enough for instant kill...
J T Eaton Jaws Depot Covered Rat and Chipmunk Trap is by far the best rat/chipmunk kill trap I've purchased!

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