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J T Eaton Jawz Depot Covered Rat and Chipmunk Traps

Reviewed by David • August 27, 2020

simply the BEST kill trap for chipmunks and rats

I noticed few chipmunks running around the yard here and there but didn't think anything of it until I saw holes that they were digging behind a retaining wall as their home... I just replaced the retaining wall 3 years ago and it cost me over $10,000 so I wasn't going to let these chipmunks damage and ruin it.
I actually have a lot of experience with mouse kill traps but I never had a chipmunk or rat trap so I bought 3 different kill traps and this JT Eaton turned out to be the best kill trap! I caught 3 chipmunks within 2 days.


[+] It comes with a cover so that other large animals or birds can't get to the trap. The cover also directs the rat or chipmunk to go head in for accurate catch
[+] You can easily and safely bait the trap while the trap is not activated. I don't use peanut butter because it attracts ants so seeds or nuts worked the best for me
[+] It's easy and safe to activate the trap without any risk of your hand or finger getting injured
[+] Easily tell whether something is caught or not without opening the cover
[+] 100% instant kill with sharp plastic teeth and matching grooves
[+] Price is great considering that you get the kill trap and the cover case


[-] Absolutely nothing. This is simply the best kill trap in the market for rat and chipmunk


5 out of 5 stars. Highly recommend this kill trap if you have chipmunk or rat problems.
Best on my experience, my second favorite is the Tomcat Secure-Kill Rat Trap but you would have to buy the Tomcat Rodent Station separately to prevent other large animals or birds from getting hurt but this JT Eaton already comes with the station.

UPDATED on 10/2/2022

I'm still using this amazing kill traps and it still works wonderfully. However, I've had few kills where chipmunks entered the trap from the back handle opening then get kill with the body through the opening in the handle, making it very difficult to dispose the body without having to manually push it out with a stick. I wish they would redesign the trap to prevent them from entering from the back.
But it's still the best and my favorite rat or chipmunk killing machine without a doubt!

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