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Famistar Baseball Cap Holder (2 pack)

Reviewed by David • January 5, 2019

This product review is for Baseball Cap Holder/Display Rack by Famistar, specifically for 2 packs.

Finally somebody figured out how to properly design a baseball cap rack!!! and all it needed was no other than a velcro!

I'm a baseball cap fanatic... I have tons of baseball caps that I take turn to wear every day and I also have brand new ones as backup in a container. So it's obvious that I needed a solution to organize/store my baseball caps without taking up too much space in my closet or on shelves. In addition to storage, it would be a big plus if it can provide a convenient way to quickly browse and pick out the one that I want to wear for that day, and easily store it back at the end of the day.

I initially purchased another baseball cap rack which is very similar to this product except it does not use velcros but rather has plastic hooks that slide up and down the strap. However, those plastic hooks rely on the weight of the object that is hooked on to stay in place and a baseball cap does not have much weight so it kept sliding down the strap, which got annoying really fast and that's the reason why I was on a hunt to buy another baseball cap rack and luckily I found this product which uses velcro that solves all the problems.

The door hooks have a hole to screw on to the door but I don't really want to make a permanent holes on my door so I chose to jimmy some sponge in to make the hook flush to prevent the hook from hitting the door jam.

I really care about my baseball caps so I personally don't like to use the clips make any marks on them but if you have a baseball cap with plastic adjustment strap on the back, you can definitely use the clips to hang more caps.

I also personally don't like having my baseball caps overlapped too much because I want to visually see them all hung so I do space out my hooks, which ended up leaving some left over velcro hooks but you can definitely space them more closely to hang more baseball caps than I have in the picture.

Overall, I can't say enough good things about this product and I'm so happy somebody finally figured out the best way to organize and hang caps on a door. I highly recommend this product to anyone who needs to hang and organize baseball caps, hats, or other stuff off the floor.

David's Conclusion


  • it does what it supposed to do and it does it well! what I mean by that is, the velcro actually holds the hook and the clips, as well as any baseball caps that are hooked in place without sliding down! (unlike other cheaply designed baseball cap racks)
  • straps can be easily adjusted to any door height in seconds and maintain the tight tension on the door, again thanks for the velcro design on the strap adjustment!
  • the spacer/distance between each hook can be easily adjusted in seconds (again, velcro solves everything)
  • the spacer/distance between each hook can be easily adjusted in seconds (again, velcro solves everything)
  • the hooks and clips are metal with nice finish unlike cheap plastics on other cap racks
  • I love the fact that each hook also has two clips so that I have the option to either put it on the hook or the clips
  • I do think this product is well priced for its value, especially compared to other nonsense cap rack with design flaws, if not cheaper
  • It includes 16 velcro joints, which you will find that it's more than plenty for the two straps


  • None

My Wishlist

  • I have bunch of left over hook joints and I wish I can purchase just additional strap and door hooks (or maybe the product should include 3 straps?)
  • It would be awesome if the "Over Door Hook" can incorporate additional hook so that there's is no space wasted from the top of the door to the first hook joint as the hook/clips are on the bottom of the velcro joint (see the picture on top for better explanation)
  • Include extra narrower door hook set. I understand that it's better to go with wider hook so that it can be used for wider range of door thickness but the extra door hook set will not go to waste as it can be used as a baseball cap hook at the top of the strap and I wouldn't have to jam sponge or cardboards to make the door hook flush

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Full Disclosure & Final Thoughts

  • This product gets perfect 5 score from me with Hall of Fame status because of their ingenious design and use of velcro.

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