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Adjustable Bag Rack

Reviewed by David • May 14, 2017
Please note that this post was updated on January 6, 2019.

This product review is for Adjustable BAGRACK by My Home.

I have bunch of baseball caps because I wear them almost every day.
I was looking for a way to store them without taking too much space in my closet or on shelves. In addition to storage, it would be a big plus if it can provide a convenient way to quickly browse and pick out the one that I want to wear for that day, and easily store it back at the end of the day.

When I searched in Amazon, most of the solutions were a type that hangs outside of a closet door since it can utilize the door space from top to bottom.
After reading the reviews on different products, I decided to buy this one last weekend.

When I received it few days ago, I was eager to open it and use it immediately to organize my baseball caps but soon after I was disappointed.

First of all, the seller advertises this item as a "baseball cap rack storage holder" in Amazon but the packaging box clearly indicates that this is a bag rack for holding handbags.

This didn't really bother me as long as it can also hold my baseball caps.
Inside the box, I found 2 straps rolled up in rubber bands and 4 aluminum hooks.

It's a good thing that the seller is advertising this product as baseball cap holders because I don't think these holders are strong enough to hold the hand bags unless they are very light, small, and short.

I also found that the aluminum hooks were too wide for my closet and room doors so I had to manually bend them to make it more stable or my door would not close

Overall, it does the job and holds my baseball caps so I can't complain too much. I can see some people complaining that this is not worth $10 but similar products are more expensive in Amazon and I don't think the price is that bad considering it includes two straps.
I did find it that it's a bit crowded to hang both straps on the same door so I hung one each on a separate door.

** UPDATES 1/5/2019 **

I'm changing the rating because I got so sick and tired of my baseball cap hook sliding down the strap... Good news is that I found the best and perfect baseball cap rack! You can read about it here.

David's Conclusion


  • Inexpensive compared to other baseball cap organizers.


  • The hooks are too wide for the closet and room doors. You have to manually bend them to make it more secure and only then you can close the door.
  • The packaging box does not match what was advertised.
  • The hook keeps sliding down the strap. WTF...

My Wishlist

  • It would be great if it can somehow hold the baseball caps facing front instead of down.
  • It would be awesome if it can hold each baseball caps by preserving its shape with some sort of a filler/frame shape (think mannequin head)

Alternatives Products

  • The best and ultimate baseball cap rack recommended by DavidsList!
  • Perfect Curve CapRack System (18 Caps) costs the same as this product and it seems to hold the caps facing forward. However, it appears that it comes with 6 clips and you are suppose to clip/hang 3 caps per clip. I don't think I want to clip/hang 3 baseball caps since it would make it very cumbersome to look through and take out the cap. It also looks like the clips are too close to each other so the other baseball caps may get in your way when trying to clip on or take out a cap. I wish this product would have utilized the entire door height and have more clips spread out.
  • Stay away from this type of cap rack since it will not be able to hold any fitted baseball caps or other type of hats that do not have any opening on the back.
  • This wood rack looks promising but it's a bit expensive for the number of caps it can hold and I'm not too sure about drilling and mounting on a door or wall.

Overall Rating 10

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