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RENPHO Digital Bluetooth Weight Scale with Smartphone App

Reviewed by David • October 23, 2018
Please note that this post was updated on November 3, 2018.

This product review is for Digital Bluetooth Weight Scale by RENPHO.

As mentioned on this blog article, I enrolled in fitness kickboxing classes in April of this year for 2 months in order to force myself to get out of the house and do some cardio exercises, and it worked. I lost 10 lbs in just 2 months then I started working out and lifting weights at home afterwards.

It was a joy every morning to get up and stand on a bathroom scale to find out that my weight has been slowly going down. Inadvertently, my weight would go back up slightly during the weekend when I treated myself with heavy meals and skipped working out.

I wanted to keep track of my weight loss progress so at first, I was manually entering into my iPhone's Apple Health app every day but this became very tedious and sometimes I would get too lazy to enter them in, especially if I didn't have my iPhone with me.

After 2 months of manual input to my iPhone, I had it enough and was looking for a smart scale that can sync with my iPhone and that's when I found this wonderful scale.

First of all, this is a digital weight scale that is very good at what it's supposed to do, which is to measure your weight. I have a digital scale by Sharper Image and I noticed that it would sometimes display my body weight very differently when I measure twice back to back. This never happened with this RENPHO scale. I even tested by getting on the scale with and without a 10 lb dumb bell and it passed the accuracy test.

I also love the app that you can download for free for your smart phone. This scale will sync with the app via Bluetooth automatically the next time you open the app and if you are near by the scale. It's so simple that you don't even have to think about it. It will store and remember your weight and other data for many days, if not weeks, until you are ready to sync.

Although the scale only displays the body weight, it actually measures and calculates other helpful data such as BMI, Body Fat %, Fat-Free Body Weight, Body Water %, Skeletal Muscle %, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass, Protein %, BMR, and Metabolic Age.
I'm not sure how accurate these measurements are but the fact that the scale would provide these data only when you get on it with bare feet tells me it's doing something. According to the manufacturer, the scale has 4 electrodes on the surface (the 4 metal circles) and when our skin touches the scale, the micro electrical current will spread to your body and test the condition of the electric resistance. This electric resistance data along with your height, weight, age and gender is used to calculate the measurements.

This scale can be used to measure and keep track for your entire family members. Once you add the new person to the app, it's smart enough to determine who was on the scale and it will sync the data accordingly.

Finally, this scale can be synced with Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit apps. This is a nice feature since everyone these days have either iPhone or Android so all your health data can be in one place like Apple Heath, which can also sync with many other fitness devices and exercise apps.

My only complain about this scale, which is not a deal breaker, is the fact that the app currently does not show the measurement value or even a range when viewing the trend graph in Month or Year view.

I'm hoping that there will be an update to the app to display at least the range in the Y-axis.


There was an update to the app from the Apple App Store and it now has the Y-axis for the trend! Great job RENPHO!

I highly recommend this scale without any reservation for those who are exercising and/or monitoring weight loss.

David's Conclusion


  • Very accurate digital scale for your body weight
  • Measures 10 other key body compositions
  • Dead simple Bluetooth sync with your smart phone apps


  • None

My Wishlist

  • The history graph displays the measurement only in the Week view but not in Month and Year views. Therefore, you can see the trend of going up and down but you don't know the exact values. This is available now

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