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LEIYER Bluetooth Speaker Emergency Radio

Reviewed by David • October 9, 2020

😍 most exciting and innovative gadget I've seen so far!

I felt in love with this gadget at first sight... I could not believe how clever this gadget is and how they managed to pack so much function into this device, which is very portable and rugged. There are so many things to talk about this amazing gadget that I don't even know where to start...


[+] Portable size yet very rugged and sturdy
[+] IPX6 waterproof
[+] Bluetooth speaker that sounds awesome
[+] FM/AM radio with antenna that can be pulled out and tucked away
[+] It can act as a power bank and charge other devices with USB-A out port using its 5,000mAh battery capacity
[+] LED flashlight as well as separate lantern/reading light!
[+] Emergency SOS alarm, which is very high pitched and loud
[+] Compass and bike/screw mount option
[+] This device can be charged manually with hand crank if the event of emergency
[+] It can also be charged with solar panel as well as using USB-C cable, which is included
[+] LCD screen with battery level and digital FM/AM station display
[+] I'm sure I'm missing something because it has so many function...


[-] Only complaint that I have is that I couldn't figure out how to store the FM stations in memory. When I press the play button during FM mode, it jumps to 5 different FM stations but I don't think there's a way to save your favorite stations... this would have been a nice feature


5 out of 5 stars! This is the most exciting and innovative gadget I've seen so far. This will be perfect for camping, beach, or any outdoor activities. I absolutely love it and highly recommend this gadget!

Updated on March 25, 2021
I now have my new favorite. Check out AONCO Solar Hand Crank Portable Radio. It's much better than this one in my opinion.

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