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AONCO Solar Hand Crank Portable Radio

Reviewed by David • March 25, 2021

PERFECT 10! Amazing and MUST-HAVE!!!

I actually own a very similar device as this one by LEIYER. It has most of the same features with few subtle differences and LEIYER emergency radio used to be my favorite MUST-HAVE device but not anymore because this AONCO device is so much better in so many ways...

If you never owned this type of device, it's a MUST-HAVE at home, especially if you like to go camping or hiking or even boating. This will come in handy in so many ways.

✔️ This is portable power station. It can charge your smartphone if you are running out of juice. It even comes with an adapter for lightning cable so you can charge iPhone or iPad.
✔️ 4,000mAh rechargeable battery, which can be charged by USB cable, solar panel or even hand crank!
✔️ FM/AM radio with antenna that can be extended or tucked away PLUS a dedicated NOAA weather station!
✔️ Flashlight as well as 2 additional LED lights that can be turned on or combined
✔️ Reading light that can be adjusted in angle AND it has a motion sensor that can turn on the reading light when motion is detected. Great at camp ground at night!
✔️ Emergency SOS alarm with blinking flashlight!
✔️ Portable in size and the charging ports are protected from water and elements with rubber cover

Compared to the LEIYER, this has few missing features such as Bluetooth and compass but I really love the dial controls for the volume and FM/AM tuning. I didn't realize how much more convenient and easier and quicker to use the dial controls compared to the click buttons on the LEIYER.


10 out of 5 stars! Highly recommend this amazing device. This is now my #1 favorite MUST-HAVE gadget!
Well done AONCO! Bravo!

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