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💩 Hell of Shame


Reviewed by David • June 6, 2017

This review is for APlus.net hosting provider.

I was a customer for APlus.net from year 2003 to 2010, so about 7 years.
I signed up with APlus.net in 2003 because they were CNet's recommended choice and they were in fact an amazing hosting provider back then.

Technical support was really good and the amount of resources you got for the money was far better than any other hosting providers. I don't even think I had a major downtime for couple of years. I was so happy that I bought 2 additional accounts with them.

However, everything changed in August 2009 when they were bought out by another company.

They announced that they will be upgrading their platform for all users and then the nightmare began. They have been nothing but trouble...

Since 2009, their technical support was crappy (they really didn't know what they were talking about) and their billing team was even worse. My websites were either down or mis-configured all of sudden due to their upgrade changes. It took so much longer to get hold of technical support over the phone and they often didn't know what was wrong or simply said it will get better once their upgrade is complete. By the end of year 2010, I ended up cancelling all of my accounts with APlus.net and didn't even get any refund (per their policy) but something unbelievable happened...

On 10/29/2010, I transferred my last domain with APlus.net to another registrar and I cancelled the APlus.net account on 12/18/2010 but then I got a bill on 1/18/2011 for my domain renewal and APlus.net charged my credit card $9.99 for the renewal of the domain that's not even registered with APlus.net! WTF...

I noticed the charge in the credit card statement I received in March so I sent the following email to APlus.net

And here are the remaining emails back and forth

It's a pretty pathetic system they have, which requires you to manually turn off the auto-renewal on the domain even though that domain is no longer registered by APlus.net

I really miss the old, original APlus.net company before the acquisition. After the acquisition, they should have changed the name to FMinus.net...

Overall Rating 5

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