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Summer Sand's 2 bedrooms 2 bath beach view condo at Wildwood Crest, NJ

Reviewed by David • October 3, 2020

This is my first review for "places" category and specifically a vacation rental property.
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Awesome location and clean unit for family

This is our 3rd year back in Wildwood and Wildwood Crest area for family summer vacation.
We love Wildwood because it's not too far of drive from NY and they have nice beach, which is free to the public, unlike Cape May or LBI. They also have a boardwalk near by with plenty of things to do and ride. Our children love going to Wildwood for all these reasons.

This unit is so far the best one that we've stayed. All our stays in the last 3 years have been a beach front for the convenience so that we don't have to drive or walk too far to get to the beach but this year is the first time we got 2 bedrooms and 2 bath unit.

We have 3 children from 10 to 16 yrs old so having 2 baths with shower was a big difference since our family of 5 didn't have to wait in long line to take a shower.

It was great to have 2 bedrooms as well so 2 of our older boys slept on their own in 2 twin beds while my daughter slept with my wife and I in Queen bed. The unit also has pull out sofa bed but we managed to sleep in Queen bed.

My wife is a clean freak and she hates carpet. She was pleasantly surprised that this unit did NOT have any carpet because the picture looked like the Master bed with Queen bed had a carpet, but it was wood floor for the bedrooms and kitchen and living room had tiles. It had vacuum and swifer so we swifered the until every day since our family don't like to wear shoes inside the house. That's the reason why my wife hates carpet since you can't see what's inside/underneath the thick carpets.

The unit is right around the corner from the elevator and the parking spot is covered spot next to elevator so it's very convenient, especially if it was raining, etc. There's also a coin operated washer and dryer next to elevator so it's very close to the unit.

We loved the big size dining table and kitchen was stacked with everything we needed. Based on our last 2 year experience, we also brought our own toilet papers, trash bags, and some other kitchen amenities but this unit had plenty of everything.

We also loved the AC units in both bedrooms as well as in the living room. I believe this is one of the rare units in the entire condo that has portable AC unit in the living room because we didn't see this on the window of other units when walking by.

Everything was awesome and we even found a drying rack in the closet, which would have come in handy to dry out beach towels but we didn't see it until our last day.

I only wish that the living room was a bit brighter, especially the dining table area but I think this can be easily accomplished by changing the light bulbs to brighter LED bulbs. It would also be nice if they had 1 foldable chair for the dining table since there's a room to put one more chair on the outside edge, as one of us had to stand to eat or wait for another person to finish eating.

The property has spray hose outside by the beach entrance so you can rinse off the sand and your beach gears when you come back from the beach. The building also has 6 gas grills that you can use.

Oh, and the heated swimming pool was also great after coming back from the beach towards the end of day!

Overall, I do highly recommend this place for family who wants a separate bedroom for their children and prefers to have 2 bath and showers. This is also one of rare vacation rental that doesn't require full week reservation. As of now, only minimum of 3 nights is required for stay.

The owner's name is Vito and he's very responsive to all inquiries. Feel free to leave any comments or ask me any question about my experience and I would be happy to answer you.

Click here to find more information about this rental property and to book reservation or to ask any question to Vito!.

Overall Rating 40

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