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ZTON Flexible Long Arm Cell Phone Holder Clip

Reviewed by David • December 13, 2018

This product review is for Flexible Long Arm Cell Phone Holder Clip by ZTON, specifically for metal-enhanced version.

There are times when I need to be able to see my iPhone hands free.
Those times include:
1) when I'm lying down in bed and want to watch a video without holding the phone with my hand,
2) when my hands are busy or dirty but need to check incoming calls or notification on my phone,
3) when I'm recording video with my iPhone but my hands need to be in the video

For these reasons, I purchased this and it came well packaged with easy to follow instruction for putting the parts together.

The seller sells two models for this product and I purchased the metal-enhanced goose-neck model because there are few reviews reporting a problem with the arm breaking off easily for the other model.

I'm not sure if it was a mistake or intentional but the package included two plastic rings as you can see in the picture. I'm thinking this was intentional because I also read some complaints about this ring breaking off easily.

The flexible goose-neck is very stiff and strong. It looks like it will last very long time.

The clip that holds the phone is very easy to open and close. It holds the phone well and securely with a rubber cushion inside the clip.

The clip that you clamp to hold this on a desk or whatever, is pretty stiff and strong. It doesn't open as wide so it might be difficult to clamp on anything thicker than a side of the door.

Overall, I like this cell phone holder but based on other reviews in Amazon, it looks like the flexible arm can easily break off from the clamp if you try to adjust the stiff arm while it's clamped onto something. I don't think this will be an issue for me because I purchased this to mount my iPhone inside my garage when I'm working with a power tool or charging my phone on wall mount so I won't have a need to constantly adjust the flexible arm.

David's Conclusion


  • Very stiff and durable flexible arm - maybe too rigid
  • Extra plastic ring - in case the other one breaks off?
  • Easy to open the clip for holding the phone
  • Price


  • The clamp does not open too wide
  • The flexible arm may break off if you try to adjust the neck while it's clamped onto something

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Overall Rating 35

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