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Zowill Keyless Entry Door Lock Keypad Deadbolt with 20 Biometric Fingerprints

Reviewed by David • December 8, 2022

10 reasons why this is simply the BEST deadbolt!

I should have replaced my deadbolt with this smart deadbolt years ago. This was so worth it.
I love this Zowill keyless deadbolt because:

1) I didn't need to drill any hole when replacing my old deadbolt with this one

2) It has biometric fingerprint reader so all my family members can unlock it without key using their finger

3) It can also unlock with passcode that you set (in case it has trouble reading finger prints)

4) It can also be unlocked with keys it provided (in case battery is completely dead)

5) I can lock the deadbolt by simply pressing any key for 2 seconds. No need to take out my keys

6) Love the anti peeping feature where I can press random numbers before and after the real passcode and it will still work

7) No need to WiFi, Bluetooth or smartphone app, which is better for security purpose

8 ) One time code and Away modes

9) Can add 20 passcodes and 20 finger prints!

10) Uses 4 AA batteries and installation is really no different from installing regular deadbolt

I never have to take out keys from my pocket anymore, thanks to this keyless deadbolt and I don't have to worry about my kids losing the house key since they don't need to carry it anymore. Simply the best deadbolt. I just hope the 4 AA batteries will last 1 year without replacing as mentioned in the manual.

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