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Zoemose Individually Wrapped Disposable Face Masks 50 pack

Reviewed by David • May 4, 2021

individually wrapped 3-ply face masks

I actually purchased Zoemose 3-ply face masks in gray color before and I loved them because they were all individually wrapped.
I personally love the gray color 3-ply face masks because it goes well with everyday clothes without looking like you are about to perform a surgery at a hospital. 😁

My kids, however, doesn't feel the same way and they actually prefer the blue 3-ply face masks. They say that everyone wears the blue face masks in school so they don't want to stand out by wearing any other color...😆

Since I had good experience with Zoemose 3-ply face masks, I purchased their 50 pack blue face masks and this also came all individually wrapped!
This is perfect for my 3 kids so they can keep few spare ones in their school backpack without having to worry about getting dirty or damaged.

The ear loops are stretchy and comfortable around your ears and it also have adjustable nose clip for perfect fit around your nose and upper lips. They really know how to make a great disposable face masks that are practical and functional. 5 out of 5 stars! Highly recommend these.

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