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💩 Hell of Shame

Zebra F-301 Compact Ballpoint Stainless Steel Retractable Pen

Reviewed by David • September 26, 2020

WHY Zebra? WHY???

This is my favorite pens because of its clever design.

I actually purchased my first Zebra F-301 pen about 12 years ago from a local stationary store when I started my new job as a consultant and immediately felt in love with this pen.

I always carried a pocket-size notepad and this pen in my pocket because I had a need to take notes or write down ideas on the go (this is before iPhone and any smart phone was invented).

The unique design of this pen enabled me to carry it on my pant's pocket due to its compact size when closed AND I didn't have to worry about ink spill or damaging my pants with sharp tip like other ordinary pens.

When you open the cap and put it on its back, it turns into full size pen with very comfortable grip, while looking stylish.

I love this pen so much that I purchased 3 of this pack (total 6 pens) from Amazon in 2017 but I could not be more disappointed...

While the pen looks identical to the one that I purchased in 2007, there's a subtle change that makes it a huge difference maker, making this pen a garbage.

Both pens from 2007 and 2017, closes tightly when not in use BUT when the cap is on its back during the use, the new 2017 model is very loose and does not tightly stay put like the one I purchased in 2007. This is far beyond annoying and it actually bothers the heck out of me when writing because the top portion of the pen is constantly moving around and up and down.

When examining carefully, looks like there's a rubber o-ring on the back of the pen that creates a friction with the cap and holds it in place but I guess either Quality Control went down or they decided to cut corner to use cheaper/thinner rubber ring...

Why Zebra? WHY??? Why would you design and invent this amazing and clever pen then decide to cut corner to make it a garbage?... shame on you... or shame on the Zebra QA team for not catching this.

I guess I will use the 6 pens purchased from 2017 as a refill for my 2007 model. Hopefully I won't ever lose this one and only good model.
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