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YoTilon Camera Tripod

Reviewed by David • September 13, 2022

simply the best camera tripod for its price

Whenever we take our Canon DSLR to take photos, we always bring our tripod, which we purchased 10 years ago. Pictures come out much more clear when the camera is on a tripod since it provides more stability and less shake but the main reason why we use tripod is because we love to take family pictures with timer on the camera so all family members can be in the pictures. Few weeks ago, we met up with my friend's family and he brought his DSLR camera with his YoTilon tripod and I was so impressed with it that I had to buy it to replace my old tripod. It has so many bells and whistles and makes my tripod look like the one from dinosaur age. Let me try to highlight why this is the best tripod in its class.


[+] Compact when folded and comes with a zippered storage/carrying bag with a strap.
[+] The tripod has a built-in carry handle that is very comfortable and easy to hold.
[+] Adjustable rubber feet so that it can be stable and flat to any floor, even when sloped.
[+] 4 quick and easy flip locks on each leg that can change the height from 20" to 72" tall.
[+] The head can be pulled out then rotated to pull out the hidden leg to turn into monopod!
[+] It has a weight hook in the center so you can hang your backpack or camera bag to add more weight to the tripod for even more stability, if needed.
[+] Has a bubble leveler to tell you if your legs are leveled.
[+] The head can be easily tilted, locked and even rotated side way for portrait/vertical shooting mode!
[+] Detachable, quick release plate so you can detach and attach the camera from the tripod freely! This is our favorite feature since it allows us to quickly go from taking pictures holding with hands then quickly put it back on the tripod for selfie group pictures.
[+] Solid material and amazing price for everything that it can do.


While this is one impressive and amazing tripod, it can even be better in my opinion with these small changes: 1) I wish the storage/carry bag was a tad bigger so I can easily store the tripod with the head attached, and 2) I wish it also came with smartphone holder adapter. These are certainly nice to have and not a deal breaker.


Easily 10 out of 5 stars. I wish I had this tripod 10 years ago instead of my old tripod. I didn't even know about detachable, quick release plate until I saw it recently for the first time. I highly recommend this tripod without any reservation. Simply the best one in its class for the price. Worth every penny!

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