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Yonex Mavis 2000 Nylon Badminton Shuttlecock

Reviewed by David • May 31, 2021

Made in Japan. Enough said!

I enjoy playing badminton with my kids in front of our house on the quiet street.
I initially purchased a really cheap birdies but that turned out to be a total waste of money and time.
I then purchased very expensive goose feather birdies but my kids destroyed them in no time as the feathers are very fragile. After doing some research, I purchased this one and never looked back.


[+] As good as goose feather except much more durable
[+] Center of gravity on the head that is made out of high quality cork for accuracy and flight speed
[+] Storage tube
[+] Made in Japan. Enough said!


[-] Nothing.

We also started to play Speedminton and we often use this shuttlecock with a wind ring on it so it's less resistant to the wind but won't fly as far as speeders!


5 out of 5 stars. This is high quality badminton birdie that will give you most bang for your buck.

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