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👍 David's Choice

Yoleo Ergonomic Office Gamer Chair High Back

Reviewed by David • October 26, 2020

100 times better than office chairs... 😍

Ever since my teenager son saw a gaming chair at his friend's house, he's been begging me to get one for him.
At first, I thought the gaming chair was specific to playing games but my son explained to me that it's really no different than his desk chair except it's way more comfortable! (apparently because gamers sit on their chairs much longer than office workers 😆)

My son is a die hard San Francisco 49ers fan so he's favorite color is red and when I saw this gaming chair, I just had to get it for him. I have never seen my son so happy and thanked me over and over... and over again. He absolutely loves the chair.


[+] High quality leatherette that is perfectly stitched all around for elegant and professional look
[+] Very comfortable, padded seat cushion to help with sitting long period of time
[+] Adjustable height for seat and armrests, which is common for most office chairs, but have you seen a reclining back that almost goes flat so you can lie down? 😃 Pretty awesome!
[+] Beautiful mix of black and red color patterns from top to bottom, even on the wheels!
[+] Lumbar support and headrest pillow is a nice touch 👏👏
[+] Wheels actually roll very smoothly rather than gliding like my son's previous office chair
[+] Packaging to protect the inside content was very good and assembly was straight forward
[+] Overall, very solid and well built to last
[+] Price is surprisingly very good and reasonable compared to other similar office chairs


[-] Everyone in my family, including my older son and myself are jealous of this chair, and we always try to sit there to pull back and lie down 😁


10 out of 5 stars! My son loves this chair and even I love this chair. Very well built and high quality material. I highly recommend this, not just as a gaming chair but even as office/desk chair because it's so much more comfortable and better looking than many office chairs I've seen and owned. I really need to get one for myself now 😁

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