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YEFU Plastic Weather Resistant Adirondack Chair

Reviewed by David • August 31, 2021

relaxing, weather proof and looks amazing

We used to have a wooden patio chair in front of our house but it got warped and damaged over time, not to mention splinters... so we decided to get this Adirondack chair, which is not wood but it looks and feels like wooden chair. It reminds me of those fancy trek deck material!

The assembly was very straight forward and everything was packaged very neatly and carefully so nothing can be damaged. The diagram for the assembly was very clear and I appreciate the nuts and bolts rather than the screws so there's less chance of messing up the assembly.

Once the assembly was done, my wife was impressed with how pretty it looked but was soon more impressed with how comfortable and relaxing it was to sit on. It's very roomy to sit on for anybody and the back rest is perfectly declined to give you the perfect lay back on the chair. I also love the wide arm rests. Everything is just perfectly designed and executed for this chair. Well done!

The best part is that it's weather proof and almost zero maintenance is needed.
We are constantly fighting over to sit on this chair so we are now looking to either buy another one or buy a two seater chair that's made out of this material.

Easily 10 out of 5 stars. Highly recommend this amazing Adirondack chair. You really can't go wrong with it.

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