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WINSHEN 6-Lights Large Brushed Nickel Wagon Wheel Industrial Chandelier

Reviewed by David • January 19, 2023

looks great but with one major flaw that can be dangerous

We decided to replace our dining room chandelier and got this one, which turned out to be very nice looking but I had 2 issues with this. Let me first share what I like about this chandelier.


1) It was very well packaged inside fitted foam and in bubble wraps. We were afraid that at least one glass shade may be broken or cracked during shipping but all were perfectly fine due to impeccable packaging.

2) It looks very elegant and nice. We love the brushed nickel finish and it really brightens up our dining room when used with daylight LED light bulbs.

3) The seeded glass shades look simple yet pretty and lets more light out compared to frosted glass shades.

Now, what I didn't like about this chandelier:

1) The wires are NOT color coded and they had sticky tapes attached as labels but when I took them out from the box, the sticky tapes came off and I didn't know which wire was which... This was so scary since if I connect the wrong wire, it would be bad... They should NOT rely on sticky tape to identify the wires as the risk is too high if the tape comes off. They should color code the wire or even write/print on the wires for identify them. Very bad design.

2) The canopy plate that sits on the ceiling was smaller than my previous chandelier's so I could see the gap and opening in the ceiling. I had to order the bigger canopy plate separately and replace it so that it covers the entire opening in the ceiling.

It's a great looking chandelier but if you are going to buy this, please make sure to pay attention to the sticky tapes as soon as you remove it from the box. Take them out carefully, paying attention to the sticky tapes and I would mark it or put additional tape around it immediately so the tape doesn't come off. The adhesiveness on the sticky tape was horrible so it's bound to come off. Hope this helps.

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