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WETOWN 100 Watt Solar Panels for Power Station

Reviewed by David • February 6, 2023

impressive and versatile solar panel with loaded features

I got this solar panel for my EF ECOFLOW RIVER 2 portable power station and I could not be any happier.
It was very well packaged inside the box with fitted foams on the side to minimize any impact during shipping and handling. There are 4 solar panels with 3 folds and a comfortable handle for carrying. There are 3 things that I love about this solar panel compared to others I've seen in the past:

1) It has sun light intensity sensor with LED display showing in number. This allows you to see if you are getting the maximum sun light for any given day and location. I have never seen this feature in any other solar panels before.

2) It has adjustable kick stand angles with 4 snap buttons. This is great for adjusting the angle of the solar panel to get the maximum intake of solar energy. You can confirm that you have the best angle by checking the sun light intensity sensor display!

3) Multiple ways to connect with portable power stations. I love that it provides Anderson connection but it provides DC connection in addition to XT60 connection, which is something I never saw in other solar panels. XT60 connection allows me to use with my ECOFLOW RIVER 2 portable power station. Anderson connection is also great for my other ECOFLOW, LIPOWER and ROCKPALS power stations!

I can also charge my devices directly by connecting to its Type C or USB QC3.0 ports on the handle, which is pretty common feature found in other solar panels. In December in NY, I was able to get 95% solar intensity on this solar panel, which is awesome and says a lot about this solar panel's sun to energy conversion efficiency. I highly recommend this solar panel to any one needing to recharge their portable power stations using free sun lights. Easily 5 out of 5 stars!

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