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Wall Mount for Security Camera

Reviewed by David • July 8, 2022

I would buy it again!

I got a wireless security camera because I wanted to install them inside my shed to monitor for any mice activities and also on the outside to watch the bird nest. After getting the wireless security camera, I needed a wall mount so I got these because they were one of the least expensive ones but they turned out to be very sturdy and practical.

They came in 3 packs and I like that it can be tilted up to 90 degrees and has knob to tighten it. I was able to mount them on the ceiling of shed as well as outside the shed using the provided screws. I wish the screw was a bit stronger but this is not a deal breaker. I can now monitor inside the shed and outside the shed for any rodent or bird activities. Highly recommend these if you need to mount a security camera using standard thread.

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