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Wakodir 69 LED Under Cabinet Lighting

Reviewed by David • December 12, 2022

perfect lighting option for my closet

I have 2 closets in my basement where we hang seasonal clothes. One of the closets has a recess light inside but the other does not have any lighting. It's pretty dark inside and hard to find the cloth that I'm looking for many times. Well, I got this under cabinet lighting with motion sensor for my closet and it's perfect solution for it. It has a built-in rechargeable battery so I don't need to plug into anything and it came in 2 pack, which means I can just have 1 fully charged then replace it when the one inside the closet drains out of battery. It comes with magnet sticky so I can easily remove it from the ceiling to replace and/or charge it then put it back in the spot as it holds by magnet.

It has always on as well as motion sensor mode, which is nice so that it turns on automatically only when needed. I can also change the brightness by pressing and holding the button after turning it on. Simple to use and even simpler to install anywhere without drilling or needing an electric outlet! Highly recommend it.

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