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WAKAKAC Compatible for 1/18 Scale Lamborghini Sian Die-cast Model Car

Reviewed by David • December 22, 2021

great model car with amazing details

For those who don't know, this Lamborghini Sian is the first hybrid Lamborghini from the company, which launched just few years ago and costs few million dollars. It's a beauty and powerful sports car that we can only dream about but that doesn't stop me from buying this model car that boasts amazing details down to 1/18 scale!

It's a bit bigger than my other model cars but I think it looks great and the size is perfect for this type of car. The tail and hood opens up, while both doors open to reveal the detail interiors. The car feel heavy and solid, and I love the front and tail lights that turn on when you open the doors. The batteries are included already and you just have to pull out the tab on the bottom of the car to activate the battery.

The car looks very realistic except scaled down and I also like the engine and speed driving sound when you put it down on the floor to pull back for the wined up driving action. The body color, tire touch ups and windshield are all amazingly duplicated into this model car with attention to details. I'm very impressed with this model car. 5 out of 5 stars.

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