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Waboba Splash Water Bouncing Ball double pack

Reviewed by David • February 16, 2023

amazing... you won't believe your eyes!

DISCLAIMER: I purchased the Waboba Surf and Waboba Extreme balls and this Waboba Splash should not be any different from ones I purchased. In my opinion, this is a better value deal for 2 balls!

I bought Waboba Surf ball back in 2016 and I couldn't be more happier.
This thing is a beast at the pool and beach because it skips on the water like crazy!
It's now the first thing to pack for my family whenever we go to a town pool, beach, or even to international vacation like Cancun. (just watch the video to see for yourself!)

My kids have a blast playing with this ball and it keeps them busy and laughing for hours, if not for all day!
Other people who see us playing with this ball are amazed and many have asked us where we bought this ball.
Waboba balls are a bit more pricey compared to other brands but don't bother with cheaper ones because they don't skip as well and certainly don't travel as far on the water. I highly recommend any Waboba ball.

We actually lost this ball once because it bounced so high and went out of the pool into a grass garden and we couldn't find it so my kids were very sad and upset... luckily, the worker at the town pool found it and gave it to us the next day we went back to the pool! After that incident, I bought another Waboba ball as a spare ball and I now carry both of them so that our fun day at the water is not ruined just in case we lose one!

I would give 10 stars if I can. I highly recommend this ball for anyone looking to up the fun at the pool or beach. Not only it's fun for the kids but it also helps them develop good hand-eye coordination since the ball can skip and travel very fast depending on how hard you throw it.

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