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Victor Quick-Kill Mouse Trap

Reviewed by David • August 28, 2020

nominate this for Academy Award please! Ingenious design that's thinking outside of box...

About 7 years ago, I noticed mice droppings inside my garage and my shed in the backyard during the winter.
I didn't want them moving in and feeling comfortable to make families so I started buying mouse traps, then I got so fascinated with so many different designs and features that I ended up purchasing a lot more than what I needed just to test them out to see which one works the best.

So far, I bought Mice Cubes, Tomcat Kill & Contain Mouse Traps, Victor Clean Kill Mouse Traps, Tomcat Mouse Snap Traps, Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap, Plank Mouse Traps, Tomcat Wooden Mouse Traps, Victor Kill & Seal Mouse Traps, Snap-E Mouse Traps, Tomcat Press 'N Set Mouse Traps, Victor Easy Set Mouse Traps, and this Victor Quick Kill Mouse Traps. I'm pretty sure that I left out few because I got so many different traps over the years. They all caught mice except for Victor Clean Kill Mouse trap, which is the worst design for some reason.

I gotta admit that this Victor Quick Kill Mouse Trap is by FAR the BEST trap out of all and is the only one that I would buy going forward...

Victor actually thought outside the box and designed this quick-kill trap totally different from all other mouse traps. All mouse traps have a trigger plate that the mouse has to step on or push in order to activate the kill bar. Well, this is the only trap where the mouse has to lift up the cover in order to activate the kill bar. Just genius! Bravo!

It has a small opening where the bait can be seen and smelt but in order to get to the bait, the mouse has to open or lift the bait cover but little do they know that opening the bait cover would be like opening their coffin cover. The kill bar comes down so fast with powerful force that there's no way they can survive or even escape it. It's designed perfectly to smash and break their neck or head area. Who ever came up with this design at Victor should have gotten Academy Award for the best design and execution.


[+] Ingenious design that works and can't fail!
[+] Easy to place the wait while trap is not set. Simply open the bait cover and put the bait inside.
[+] ZERO chance of the trap getting triggered by accident since the only way to trigger it is by opening the bait cover.
[+] No chance of stealing the bait so you will save time and money due to bait refill reduction.
[+] Quick and easy to set the trap without getting your fingers jammed or hurt.
[+] Super fast and deadly snap bar action, hence the name Quick-Kill mouse trap.
[+] Easy to release the dead mouse without touching them.
[+] Strong plastic material that can stand any weather condition and built to last.
[+] Reusable, over and over and over and ...


[-] Absolutely nothing.


10 out of 5 stars! If you need a mouse trap, look no further and stop wasting time and money on other traps. This is the only mouse trap you will ever need! In fact, this trap needs to be in a text book for designers on how to think out of the box in order to come up with better design. I really hope Victor can apply this same design for rats and chipmunks traps. They just need to make a bigger version of this Quick-Kill trap. BTW, the best chipmunk or rat kill trap I've used is Jawz Depot Covered Rat and Chipmunk Traps , well until Victor makes a bigger version of this Quick-Kill trap that is... 😉

If you have very small field mice, this Quick-Kill trap might be too strong and messy so I would recommend Tomcat Mouse Snap Traps for small mice. This used to be my favorite mouse trap. I also recommend Tomcat Press 'N Set Mouse Traps , which is very strong and durable. Finally, I have never had one but I have a feeling that Jawz Plastic Mouse Trap will be a solid trap, just because they have the BEST Rat and Chipmunk trap that looks identical to this one.

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