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Victor Clean Kill Mouse Trap

Reviewed by David • September 4, 2020

absolutely the worst mouse trap ever!!! but the best one is still made by Victor...

About 7 years ago, I noticed mice droppings inside my garage and my shed in the backyard during the winter.
I didn't want them moving in and feeling comfortable to make families so I started buying mouse traps, then I got so fascinated with so many different designs and features that I ended up purchasing a lot more than I needed just to test them out to see which one works the best.

So far, I bought Mice Cubes, Tomcat Kill & Contain Mouse Traps, Victor Quick-Kill Mouse Traps, Tomcat Mouse Snap Traps, Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap, Plank Mouse Traps, Tomcat Wooden Mouse Traps, Victor Kill & Seal Mouse Traps, Snap-E Mouse Traps, Tomcat Press 'N Set Mouse Traps, Victor Easy Set Mouse Traps, and this Victor Clean Kill Mouse Traps. I gotta say that this Victor Clean Kill Mouse Trap is the WORST trap out of all and is the only one that didn't catch any mouse over the years...

I gotta be honest that I was really excited when I got this because to me it was one of the best design since:
1) mouse has to go inside a tunnel, which they seem to love
2) mouse has to pass the trigger to get to the bait
3) the kill bar will come down and mouse doesn't have any way to avoid it

I have no idea why this is the only trap that didn't catch any mouse so far but I was really disappointed so I ended up throwing them away. I guess mice have different perspective and eyes than how we see it 😄


1 out of 5 stars. I do not recommend this trap but I recently found my favorite mouse trap, which is also made by Victor and it's called Victor Quick-Kill Mouse Trap. They really thought differently and designed it so that mouse cannot steal the food without tripping the kill bar.

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