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VELASE Rechargeable Wine Opener Kit

Reviewed by David • October 6, 2021

definitely the BEST electric wine opener I've seen so far! read to find out why...

My wife and I drink red wine almost every night so we are always opening a new wine bottle few times a week. Our very first wine bottle opener was a rabbit ear wine opener and it served us well for few years but it stopped working because mechanical parts and screws came off and became loose. So we purchased our first electric wine opener last year, which was much easier to open but it needed 4 AA batteries. So few months ago, we bought a new electric wine opener with built-in rechargeable batter and it was much more convenient compared to our previous one that needed 4 AA batteries but it wasn't as fancy and most importantly, it didn't have the battery indicator light so there were times when we couldn't use it because it was out of batteries, which we didn't know since there was no way to tell the battery level. Well, we finally decided to get a new one and we are so happy we got this one.

As you can see in the side by side comparison pictures, this one is much shorter, which is great for storage.
It's also the prettiest and most elegant looking with the rose gold trim and button colors!

What I love about this rechargeable wine bottle opener is the fact that:

✔️ It has battery level indicator lights on top
✔️ You only have to press the button once rather than keep holding the button like my previous electric wine openers
✔️ The LED color is pretty when using and it's blue when pulling the cork out and red when pushing the cork
✔️ Nice touch with rose gold trim and colors to make it look fancy and elegant
✔️ Very compact and short compared to other electric wine bottle openers

It comes with a foil cutter that can be attached to the bottom of the opener but it's kind of loose and I wish it had tighter and more secure fit but this is not a deal breaker. It would have been also better if it had USB-C charging port rather than micro-USB charging port but again, this is also not a deal breaker considering all the benefits and features mentioned above that are not found in other electric wine bottle openers.

I already used this wine bottle opener for 2 weeks and opened at least 5 bottles, all without any hiccup or trouble. It's not only easy and quicker to open the wine bottle but it looks very elegant. Easily 5 out of 5 stars. Highly recommend this to any wine lovers!

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