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LuxursKingQYW Vanity Desk with Mirror

Reviewed by David • February 1, 2023

my daughter's first vanity and she loves it!

My daughter has all white color theme going in her bedroom, including her desk and bed so it was very easy and obvious what kind of vanity she would like, hence I got this vanity that fits perfectly in a small open space by her bed. It has decent size table top with one shelf and circular mirror as well as 2 drawers with one of them having compartments for organizing small items.

I was very impressed with the packaging in the box where nothing, including the mirror, was damaged or scratched. The legs are made out of solid wood and the table top with drawers came in one piece that didn't require any assembly. Only thing that I had to assemble was the shelf on top of the table top, mirror, and 4 legs, which was pretty straight forward. The drawers glides out very smoothly and the table top is very smooth and silky. I only wish that it came with matching stool but this is not a big deal.

Truly a lovely vanity that my daughter absolutely loves and it should last for long time, even after she goes to college (she's in middle school now). Highly recommend this vanity. I only wish that it also came with a stool.

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