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USSUNNY 2000 Amp 12V Battery Jumper Box with Portable Power Bank Charger

Reviewed by David • November 27, 2022

amazing car battery jump starter at compact size

We have 4 cars and our older cars tend to have dead batteries time to time and sometimes because one of my kids forgot to turn off the lights inside the car when getting off. For this reason, I bought a car battery jump starter few years ago, which worked well and came in handy few times but it no longer holds the charge long enough where I'm worried that it might not be usable when I needed the most so I decided to replace it with new one and I could not believe what I can get these days for the same price I paid few years ago.

The one that I had can only support up to 900 Amp but this one can support up to 2,000 Amp, which means it won't have any problem jump starting any cars, SUV and mini vans. What I love about this one is that it's so compact and it comes with a storage bag that holds everything inside. My old one was bulky and it had to be stored inside a box, which took a lot of space in my trunk. It also had DC cable for charging so I was always worried that I might lose the charging cable and won't be able to recharge it. With this new jump starter, it's charged with any USB-C cable so I don't have to worry even if I lose the charging cable as I have plenty of USB-C cables.

It's very solid and rugged in design with thick, padded PVC covers and it also acts as portable charger as it has 2 USB-A ports for charging your phone or other devices in case of real emergency. It also has a built-in flashlight that has SOS and strobe light mode, if needed. I'm so happy to replace my old jump starter with this one and it's so much more advanced at much smaller form factor. Love it!

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