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USB to HDMI Adapter, Full HD 1080P

Reviewed by David • December 1, 2022

software solution to add 2nd screen or project your laptop screen to TV

This is actually very neat adapter that allows you to add 2nd screen to your computer or laptop even if it doesn't have VGA or HDMI output. All you need is USB-A 3.0 port to add 2nd screen using a monitor and that 2nd screen can be extended screen or mirrored screen.

I was skeptical about this adapter but my old laptop's VGA port stopped working so I decided to give this adapter a try and I was pleasantly surprised how well it works. When I plugged this in to my USB 3.0 port and connected it to my 75" TV using HDMI cable, the TV displayed a screen prompting me to download a software. I downloaded and installed the software, which was very simple and easy.

When I started the program, it gave me option to mirror or extend the screen. I tried both and both option worked. I can now project my laptop screen on my 75" TV using this adapter or use external monitor as 2nd screen as long as the monitor has HDMI input. Very good solution for laptop or computer without VGA or HDMI output! Very impressed with it. Oh, it also outputs audio as well as video!

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