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uptronic Toilet Plunger and Brush, Bowl Brush and Heavy Duty Toilet Plunger Set with Holder

Reviewed by David • January 28, 2022

great combo double set for the bathrooms

We bought this for our guest bathroom in the basement and family bathroom upstairs and we love it.
It came in a nice box and we just had to screw in the handles and the handles to the plunger and brush.
The stand that can hold and store both plunger and brush is nice and it has a space to catch any water after using it. The brush is perfect size to clean inner areas of toilet and the plunger is heavy duty and deep that can move good volume of water to unclog the toilet. The unique 4 tier rubber suction design for the plunger will work with any toilet models. They look very simple and clean without making the bathroom look unsanitary or uninviting. Highly recommend them!

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