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Uncle Muscle Bumper Plates 2’inch 10lbs in Pairs

Reviewed by David • January 26, 2022

perfect for our Hex Trap Bar

My wife loves to work out with Hex Trap Bar, which is already 45 lbs in weight without any plates.
We currently have two 5lb metal weight plates that is very small in diameter so the Hex Trap Bar sits very low to the ground.

My wife wanted to get more weight for the Hex Trap Bar and this high-density rubber bumper plates worked out to be perfect for our Hex Trap Bar.

First of all, it arrived in perfect condition without any scratch. These are for Olympic size 2inch bars.
I love that it's not metal so it won't made clang sounds or make a scratch or dent on my hardwood floor by accident. The rubber plates are very dense and high quality with out any chemical or rubber odor.

The 2" opening in the middle has stainless steel insert so it won't wear out when constantly adding and removing from the bar. The best part is that the diameter is very large so it's perfect for Hex Trap Bar as it actually raised the bar off the ground significantly so that it's easier to bend over to grab the bar, as well as putting it down on the ground after done.

I'm very impressed and satisfied with overall experience and quality of these bumper plates. These are easier and safer to handle than metal weight plates and they should last just as long. Highly recommend it!

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