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Uhogo Heavy Duty Extra Large Storage Bags

Reviewed by David • September 12, 2022

heavy duty and versatile storage bags

We purchased blue moving bags few months ago to store household products for our annual community yard sales and to store away seasonal things in the attic. We liked the blue moving bags so much that we decided to get more and I came across this clear storage/moving bags and I decided to get this because 1) this is bigger in space compared to the blue storage bag, and 2) it's made out of the same material as the blue moving bag except that it's clear material, which means I can glance to see what's inside the bag without having to open the zipper.

This moving/storage bag came in 8 packs, neatly folded and tied together. They really don't take up any space when folded but they are huge when unfolded. I can store away seasonal clothes, blankets, bed linens, and even Christmas items without having to label them outside since the bags are clear and can see what's inside. I used to hate opening bunch of boxes just to find out what I stored inside because I forgot to label them outside but that's no longer an issue with these storage/moving bags. These also have a tag pocket if you want to write the content on a paper and put it inside the tag pocket.

I also appreciate that these bags have side handles for carrying extra heavy stuff and the main straps are stitched all around the bag for extra re-enforcement. The bags have all around zipper on top for wide opening and is dust-proof and water resistant, making it ideal solution for storing in attic or basement. I recently used it to pack beach related toys and items during our annual family vacation to the Jersey Shores and I was able to pack a lot of stuff inside. Highly recommend it.

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