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Ubipol Handheld Table Oscillating Mini Fan With Base

Reviewed by David • June 24, 2021

powerful mini fan with oscillating feature + more!

I have few handheld portable mini fan at home and they come in handy when we go to the beach or comping trip, or even when we are at a park sitting under the shade.

This is the first handheld portable mini fan that I saw with oscillating feature!
It's such a cool feature when you don't want to have a fan blown to your face constantly or if you simply want to share the fan with other people around you.

It has LCD screen with digital % display for how much battery is left, which by the way is 4,000mAh capacity. The other unique feature about this fan is the 180% adjustable rotating fan head. This fan can point straight up or backwards if you wanted to.

The fan has 5 speed with very quite motor and the max speed is super strong. You can obviously use the fan without the base as handheld portable fan but the oscillating feature with the base is very unique and cool design for such a small and portable fan.

5 out of 5 stars. Highly recommend this fan for any outdoor activities. You don't know what you are missing when sitting outside the shade until you turn on one of these. Makes such a big difference with a breeze around you.

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