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Tufted Duvet Cover 3 Pieces Set

Reviewed by David • June 23, 2021

elegant duvet cover set with zigzag tufted pattern

This is very pretty and elegant duvet cover set. I love the dark gray color with zigzag pattern that has texture. It's very interesting geometric pattern that is not boring and won't get sick of over time.

It has zipper closure so you can easily insert or remove the comforter and had 8 ties inside so that comforter doesn't move around or stays evenly distributed.

We don't use the duvet cover during the winter but we do use it during the summer since we sweat and it's so much easier to wash the duvet cover than the comforter itself. Oh, we also love the matching pillow cases. 5 out of 5 stars. Highly recommend this elegant and gorgeous duvet cover set!

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