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TreatLife Smart Bulb 4 Pack

Reviewed by David • November 14, 2020

normal LED light bulbs except SMARTER! and love the Alexa integration...

My daughter has echo dot in her room and she already has LED strip light that's integrated with Alexa so replacing her "dumb" compact fluorescent light bulbs with this smart LED light bulbs was no brainer.


[+] UL listed and it looks and feels like a normal LED light bulb
[+] Love the ability to change color and brightness
[+] Alexa integration, baby! See the video for yourself to see how cool it is.
[+] Free app you can download to your smartphone is very comprehensive
[+] Very easy to setup once you have the free app! Just turn on-off-on-off then on and it will start blinking ready to be paired. So simple and quick
[+] App has many other features, including changing color to music and create automatic schedules
[+] Comes in 4 light bulbs that are well packaged


[-] I wish it has bigger package option, like 8 or 12 bulbs because I want to replace all the bulbs!


10 out of 5 stars! Highly recommend this smart light bulbs. Not only it will save your energy bill but its so cool and fun to change the color and brightness using the app or with voice control using Alexa. I can even schedule it to turn on and off at certain time of the day, especially when we are away from home to make it look like we are home. Very practical and smart light bulbs, indeed. Once you get these, I don't think you can go back to traditional "dumb" light bulbs 😂

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