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Tomcat Super Hold Glue Traps Mouse Size

Reviewed by David • June 9, 2022

they do work but... + TIP

These are great for small field mice and especially if you are trying to catch it in tight spaces like under the stove or refrigerator since these are low profile that can slide under easily. They are very inexpensive and each box comes in 4 glue traps. They do work but please note that mice will suffer and most likely still alive when you catch it so you better know what to do with it and okay with dealing with a mouse that's still alive and struggling to get away. I simply take another glue trap and put it on top of the mouse, like making a sandwich, so that there's no chance he can escape as his feet and back are now glued. I gently press the two glue traps to make sure it's tightly glued then put it inside a plastic bag with all the air out so he can go to sleep as quickly as possible then throw it out in the trash can so that mouse is inside the plastic bag without touching anything else inside the trash can.

These were perfect for catching introducer that came up from my crawl space to the kitchen under the stove through gas line but when I used them inside my shed in the backyard, mouse was able to escape or many times move to different location with the trap attached to the body so I had to hunt for the trap. I wish there was a way to hold the trap down so mouse can't travel with it, which can get really messy if he ends up dying in some place you can't find. So just make note of that. Other than that, it's a great glue trap that works well but not humane at all but I don't have much choice when it comes to tight space like under the stove since the instant kill trap doesn't fit in there. These are relatively very inexpensive but I was able to buy bunch when they were on sale for $1.50 so you might want to monitor the price if it's not urgent for you.

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