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Tomcat Snap Traps, 2-Pack (Mouse Trap)

Reviewed by David • August 28, 2020

Unexpected great buy! + TIPS

I've seen some mice activities inside my shed in the backyard so I ordered few different mouse traps from Amazon.
To be honest, I was bit disappointed when I received this trap because compared to other mouse traps, it felt flimsy and the spring was weaker for the kill action.

If you see the video, you will see that the trap closes on my finger but it doesn't hurt at all. I wasn't sure if this was strong enough to kill the mice.

While it was very easy to set up as you simply press down the back, I can tell that the bait area was very sensitive to the touch. This is the only mouse trap I've seen which I can easily set up the trap with just one hand (or even one finger) because it's almost like opening a binder clip, except with less force.

I was pleasantly surprised when this caught a mouse 4 days straight! It turned out to be my favorite mouse trap.
Again, compared to other mouse traps, this is much easier to set up and reuse due to the simplicity of opening the snap.

*** TIPS ***

✔️ Absolutely no need to buy the Attractant Gel for the bait, as advertised on the package. Peanut butter or tootsie roll works the best.

✔️ There's a small circle bait holding area in the middle of yellow tongue but don't put the bait there.
Instead, smear very tiny bit of peanut butter all the way on the back side of the tongue or on the spring. You can easily accomplish this from the back side while the trap is in "closed" mode (see pictures and video). This will force the mice to reach in and step on the yellow tongue rather than lick them off clean without ever touching the yellow tongue.

✔️ For best result, place the trap right up against the wall with the teeth facing the wall.

✔️ Monitor the price before jumping into buying because the price of this trap seems to fluctuate a lot.


5 out of 5 stars. Highly recommended for those who have fear of setting up the traditional mouse trap. Anyone who can use a binder clip can operate this mouse trap.

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