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The Executioner Fly Mosquito Swatter Bug Zapper

Reviewed by David • September 17, 2020

KING of the Swatter Zappers!!! MUST READ...
Our house is surrounded by trees and shrubs, and we have tons of mosquitoes, flies, and wasps in our back yards. During the summer, they some how manage to get inside the house once in a while and create a havoc on my wife and children...

It's fairly easy to catch and kill wasps but flies are very fast and they don't tend to stay in one place.
Mosquitoes, on the other hands, can be spotted if they are sitting still on a wall but it's impossible to locate them once they fly away and are on the move... so you basically have once or at most two chances to catch/kill a mosquito once you spot it.

That's when a bug swatter or zapper comes in handy, increasing the probability of killing the bug.
The swatter, however, can make a mess and leave a residual on the wall while zapper like this can make it a clean kill, not to mention a zapper can even kill "on the move" bugs in air if you have good hand-eye coordination!

I'm not kidding when I say I have purchased at least 7 different types of bug zappers in the past. I have purchased a bug zapper that uses C size batteries because they are supposed to be more powerful, ones that have rechargeable batteries for convenience, and those that have additional safety net so your hands cannot touch the zapper. All of these became useless and broke down quickly but the ones like in my picture, which uses 2 AA batteries and have simple straight horizontal zapper wires have lasted for many years and proved to be most effective.

I would recommend any bug zappers that takes 2 AA batteries and have simple horizontal zapper wires like shown in my picture but this THE EXECUTIONER model is simply the best and the KING of the zappers.


[+] Takes 2 AA batteries that seems to last for more than a year
[+] High quality built and durable, compared to other zappers shown
[+] Bigger zapper surface area and longer length for further reach
[+] Better and more comfortable handle and grip on your hand
[+] Easy 1 button to activate (some have 2 buttons for extra safety, which is unnecessary IMO)
[+] Stronger electricity on the wires compared to others shown in the picture
[+] Aesthetically pretty and more professional looking


[-] Absolutely nothing.

This one is definitely more expensive than other ones in the picture but you are paying for the quality and all the advantages mentioned above. If you monitor the price, you can actually get this at competitive price when it's on sale. If the price is a concern then the other ones in the picture will do just fine as well but stay away from the ones that have multi-layers and safety mesh, as well as rechargeable batteries and C or D size batteries.

My wife also uses this to catch camel crickets and centipedes that makes into house once in a while.
I went outside to demonstrate this zapper on yellow jackets and a mosquito so watch my video. You can see that I was able to catch all of them while they are flying or sitting on a leaves.


10 out of 5 stars. Highly recommended! Any bugs that invades your house have no chance against this zapper.

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