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TENROOP Rechargeable Mini LED Camping Lantern

Reviewed by David • September 14, 2021

amazing lantern for camping or any emergency situation

This is such an amazing mini lantern with a packed features and usefulness.
It has 10,400mAh rechargeable battery that should not only last days but it can also serve as a portable power bank and charge other devices.

The lantern itself is bright with adjustable brightness and it has 3 different warmth lights plus 1 red light.
You can also press the C button, which will cycle through and change colors in all RGB fashion then you can press the C button again to lock and stay on that specific color. Very cool feature.

It has a hook/hanger that you can use to hook or hang on to stuff, which can be tucked away when not in use. The top is also magnetic so you can attach this to any metal, another neat feature.

It also has a flashlight and the USB ports are covered with rubber gasket so it's waterproof.
Finally, you can press the + and - buttons together to activate the SOS light

So many features that will be very handy and useful in emergency situation, out on camping or fishing at night. One of my favorite portable rechargeable lanterns. Highly recommend it. 5 out of 5 stars!
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