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Tangkula Tree Bookshelf

Reviewed by David • October 27, 2020

very stylish yet practical. LOVE it! 😍

We bought this tree bookshelf for our kid's game room so they can organize their xbox and nintendo games as well as books and other stuff.
It has very unique design in that you can put your books or game cases in the shelves without the need for the bookends! Very clever indeed.
Each shelf is 8.75" deep and 7" long except for the top most shelf, which is 14.75" long.


[+] 8 tier bookshelf that doesn't need bookends!
[+] Looks unique and very appealing. All my friends ask me about this and make comments on its clever design.
[+] Stable base with spaces to place something on the flat bottom.
[+] Easy assembly with clear instruction manual.
[+] Love the vintage, industrial wood look.


[-] Absolutely nothing.


10 out of 5 stars! This is my favorite bookshelf because of its unique and very stylish design, especially because it doesn't need any bookends! Don't you just hate it when the books fall to the side if you don't have a bookend? Well, no need to work with this clever design. Highly recommend this tree bookshelf without any reservation

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