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Tangkula 52 Sq 12 Pcs EVA Foam Floor Mats with Border

Reviewed by David • November 10, 2020

awesome foam floor mats! perfect for hardwood floors and for kids...

I already have colorful foam floor mats in the family room for my exercise equipment but I got this for the living room so kids can be more comfortable when having a play date. We have a hardwood floor through out the house and kids like to play board games and other stuff on the floor but it gets uncomfortable over time.

This floor mats are perfect because:

✔️ They blend in with my existing hardwood floor so it's not eye soring
✔️ Each one is big size and 12 count is more than enough to cover play area for the kids
✔️ It's very comfortable and have good cushion
✔️ Has smooth surface rather than textured, bumpy surface like the one that I have in the family room for exercise equipment
✔️ Kids lay down and even slept on top of these mats for sleep over and they loved them

5 out of 5 stars. Highly recommend these for someone who wants to provide comfortable playing area mats for kids on top of hardwood floor. They really look nice and you can't even tell that there's are mats on the floor because they look like hardwood floor!

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