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TACKLIFE A6 Plus AC/DC Tire Inflator

Reviewed by David • April 19, 2021

the KING of portable tire inflators 👑

I didn't think it was possible but TACKLIFE has done it again!
My favorite portable tire inflator was TACKLIFE 12V tire inflator because it had great all in one design and storage components built-in but they just beat their own best tire inflator with this A6 Plus tire inflator. Wow!

This TACKLIFE A6 Plus AC/DC tire inflator has so many features and advantages over all other tire inflators that I don't even know where to begin... Read the full detail to understand why this is the best and the king of all portable tire inflators!


✔️ It's both AC and DC powered, which means you can plug this into the cigarette lighter in your car or simply plug into a wall socket at home. Very convenient and flexible.
✔️ It comes with many different nozzles and adapters for inflating various things from air mattress, beach/pool inflatables, balls, and more! Of course, you can also inflate bicycle and car tires 😄
✔️ Built-in compartment for cigarette plug wires and tire inflator cable. I don't know some tire inflators don't have this or it's very tight space but this one has enough space to easily store and to take it out.
✔️ Again, built-in storage compartment for all the nozzles and adapters! This is huge because I have not seen other tire inflators have this and you have to keep the nozzles separately, which can be easily lost. Only other tire inflator that had built-in storage compartment was TACKLIFE 12V model so I'm not surprised that this A6 Plus model has this feature but seriously, all other tire inflators need to learn from this.
✔️ It can inflate or deflate, which is great option for air mattresses or beach/pool inflatables to save time when deflating it to store away.
✔️ Clear and easy to read LCD digital screen even outside under sun light
✔️ Accurate digital pressure gauge with automatic shut-off when desired pressure is reached.
✔️ Flashlight with 3 different mode - which can comes in handy when you need to alert other cars
✔️ High quality material, amazing packaging and detailed user manual

I would this tire inflator is not only the best one in the market but it's almost a perfection. I say "almost" because there are couple of things that they could have done to make it absolute perfect such as:

⛔ It would have been amazing if it also had a built-in storage compartment for AC cable. I have to carry this separately and if I misplace it then I won't be able to use the AC power option.
⛔ It would have been good to include a storage bag or case. In fact, that storage bag could have a pocket for the AC cable then this minor annoyance is solved.

As you can see, the two minor complains are not a deal breaker and many other tire inflators don't even come close to this A6 Plus model in terms of features, design, and performance.

This is my absolute favorite and the best tire inflator on the market, which can be used inside the house to inflate other things. Get this two in one inflator if you are looking for one and you won't regret it.

Easily 10 out of 5 stars! Simply the best tire inflator. Almost perfect! 😁

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