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TACKLIFE 12V DC Car Tire Inflator A6

Reviewed by David • April 4, 2021

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We have 3 cars at home so I already have 3 portable tire inflators for our cars but I keep getting more because my friends and family borrow them from me and never return them.

This portable car tire inflator is one of the best ones that I've seen so far because they really hit all the points where other came short.

✔️ Built-in compartment inside for storing away the cigarette lighter adapter cable. I've seen too many others where this cable has to be stored separately. For others that actually has similar compartment, they were very tight and difficult to store or remove but this one has good storage space.
✔️ Comes with 3 different nozzle adapters and a spare fuse that can be securely stored on the case. This is big for me because many others will include adapters and fuse but you end up losing them because they are small pieces that can be easily lost. Great idea to have a place to store them and to provide easy access when needed! Brilliant!
✔️ Screw-on tire valve connector - I actually like this design because it makes a secure connection with tire valve without any air leak, providing accurate PSI read.
✔️ LED light with 3 different modes! Almost all other portable tire inflators also have LED flashlight but they don't have different mode. This is awesome since I can use this during emergency on the shoulder when my car breaks down to warn other cars.
✔️ USB port and cigarette light socket that you use daisy chain to use other devices! Again, this is something I have yet to see in other portable tire inflator.

These are just 5 points that are different from other tire inflators. Obviously it has the following features that are also common to most other portable tire inflators:

✔️ Storage case - perfect fit and easy to store away.
✔️ Automatic shut off - set the desired PSI and it will stop when it reaches the set PSI
✔️ Easy to read LCD screen

They really did their homework when designing this portable tire inflator and nailed it. Maybe they just looked at other portable tire inflators and immediately noticed some of the short comings and solve them to their design. Very impressive tire inflator.

** TIP **

Due to the screw-on tire value connector design, you might lose some air when removing it the connector, so I always add 0.5 PSI to the desired PSI to account for that. I still prefer this connector than other conventional bicycle valve connector.

10 out of 5 stars! Highly recommend this portable tire inflator without any reservation!

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