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Super Glue Multi Pack - pack of 12

Reviewed by David • September 12, 2020

WOW... works great but I'm more impressed with the design and its value. A MUST-HAVE!!!

Everyone needs a super glue once in a while and probably have purchased one before.
However, don't you hate it when you find out that the big tube of super glue you had in house has been harden and can't be used anymore? Not only it's a waste but now you have to go out to buy a new one, only to repeat the same situation again down the road... well, that's why this is such a great product as it solves this problem!


[+] Each pack comes in 12 smaller tubes. This way, any unopened tubes will never dry out!
[+] Each tube's size/volume is actually much better than other similar super glues. Great value for the price.
[+] The case is actually a very sturdy storage box. Love it!
[+] Each tube has a safety o-ring, which once removed then the a hole can be punctured in a new tube by closing the nozzle and cap. Genius design!
[+] The glue works really well as expected and can bond to almost anything!
[+] Did I already mention that this is a price that can't be beat? Amazing value!


[-] Absolutely nothing


10 out of 5 stars. I highly recommend this super glue. Don't bother looking at other super glue because you will not find cheaper, better valued for what you are getting, and all the bells and features like the storage case and opening mechanism. Watch the video for how to open and close the storage box as well as a new tube.

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