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Sunny Health & Fitness Row-N-Ride Squat Assist Trainer

Reviewed by David • April 3, 2024

it started falling apart after 1 year warranty was over...

I bought this Row-N-Ride Squat Assist Trainer on January 1, 2023 as part of my New Year's Resolution to exercise and try to stay healthy while losing some weight. I really liked it while it lasted because it does work on the gluts and does not strain my knees like it does when I use a treadmill so this is very nice equipment that does not take up much space when folded up.

However, early in January 2024, the digital monitor stopped working as the big red button was stuck and would not pop back up. Therefore, I didn't have easy way to keep track of the count or time anymore. I decided to get in touch with the customer service and sent them a copy of the invoice on January 9th, but heard back on January 23rd that it was outside of 1 year warranty (by 8 days) and they sent me a link to their website where I can buy the digital monitor separately but it was $20 and I didn't think it was worth it considering that this entire unit is $89. So I decided to just use it without the digital monitor then last month (February), one of the resistant band snapped while exercising and it scared the crap out of me as it flung and hit the metal frame, making it loud sound. I can't imagine what would have happened if it actually hit me or my wife while using this... very scary. I would definitely not recommend doing the deadlift or incline chest press as shown in the pictures because you can get seriously injured if the elastic band snaps while doing those exercises as the elastic bands will be near your face or feet.

While I loved this machine while it lasted just 1 year, there are 3 things that I wish they had improved:
1) The 3 elastic bands were good for my wife but too weak for me. It would have been better if each of the 3 bands had different resistance level so you can mix and match the resistance exponentially. Obviously, the bigger problem is the quality of these bands...

2) I wish the seat had better cushion, like the bicycle seat with thick padded foams.

3) It would have been awesome if it had a holder for smartphone or tablet so I can watch an episode or movie while using this machine. Looks like the newer model has this option now but it costs about 50% more just for the arm that holds the phone or tablet...

We decided to get rid of this for safety reason but because I love the row-n-ride squat assist trainer, I bought a different used brand named BORGUSI R303, where the elastic bands are attached to the pedals rather than under the seat.
While the BORGUSI model had much better and more comfortable seat than this Sunny Health & Fitness model, the resistance bands attached to the foot pedals were just very awkward compared to this one. Overall, I do think this Sunny Health & Fitness model is superior in design compared to BORGUSI model except the quality of the material and 1 year warranty is questionable. Not sure if it's coincident that everything started to break down just few days after the 1 year warranty but either way, their customer service was just as bad.

I'm now searching for a different row-n-ride squat assist trainer because I do love this design and workout routine. Hopefully I can find the perfect one that addresses the 3 problems/design flaws I encountered with this Sunny Health & Fitness model. I would not recommend this for your safety and don't waste your money on fitness equipment that needs replacement just after 1 year...
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