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SUAOKI Portable Power Station 1021Wh, Solar Generator with 1000W Pure Sine Wave AC Outlet

Reviewed by David • January 13, 2023

1000W power station but at portable and compact in size similar to other 500W power stations!

Portable power stations have become necessities these days with so many portable electronics and smart devices that we bring to outdoor activities, not to mention frequent power outages due to climate changes.
Most people have some sort of portable chargers in one shape of form but these portable power stations are becoming increasingly more popular because not only they can charge devices that are charged with USB ports but they also have AC outlets to plug in AC power cords.

One thing that people don't realize is that different devices and appliances require different amount of wattages in order to power them. While laptops, light bulbs and refrigerators usually require less than 100W to power them, things like electric kettle, hair dryer and portable heaters requires around 1,000W. Many people think that they can simply buy any power station that has AC outlet then bring them outdoor with a small appliance, such as electric kettle, then try to use it, only to find out it won't even turn on.

So why not just buy a power station with the highest possible wattage output? Well, there are many factors why this doesn't always work out. The higher the total wattage the power station supports, the more expensive as well as it gets bigger and heavier. I actually have power stations that can support 2,000 watts but I'm not sure if I can really called them "portable" power stations as they are pretty bulky and very heavy. One of them even has a roller blade wheels because it's too heavy to carry it. I also have few 500W power stations and they are much more manageable in size and weight but while 500W output is good enough to support most devices and appliances, it just can't support hair dryer or electric kettle.

This is where SUAOKI portable power station shines. It has the same form factor as my other 500W power stations yet it supports 1000W output with pure sine wave AC outlet. It can pretty much power any small kitchen appliances such as electric kettle or electric oven, as well as hair dryer! It's very portable with comfortable carrying handle and it feels very solid all around. It would have been awesome if it had a built-in LED lantern or flashlight as most power stations have it since these are very popular for camping. It has 100W PD USB-C port for both Input and Output. I only wish that it supported dual recharge where the power station can be recharged by both USB-C and AC at the same time for faster recharge time but this is not a deal breaker.

It has 2 AC outlets, 2 USB-A ports, 1 USB-C PD port, 1 DC port and 1 cigarette lighter adapter socket. This is now my favorite and go-to power station for outdoor as it packs as twice as much compared to my 500W power stations but at the same size as them. I also use this to power my electric power tools in my backyard as well as to charge my cordless power tool's batteries. Highly recommend it to those who's looking for serious power stations yet with true portability. Easily 5 out of 5 stars!

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